Tweets to Appear in Google Search Results

Google and Twitter have been formed a partnership on 5th Feb’15. In this partnership, Google will have a full access of Twitter Firehose i.e twitter feeds of tweets. Now it will become easier for Google to have extensive collection of tweets and can index them in no time.

Tweets to Appear in Google Search Results

Previously Google was crawling twitter for tweets but it was not able to find all tweets and also not quickly as the tweets arrived. Now in this partnership Google will able to provide more relevant and all information needed by searchers and also with in the time.

Twitter will also be benefited by this deal. The users will able to see the great and relevant content of twitter on large scale, so the traffic and new users will increase for twitter.

Twitter has a same deal with Google in October 2009, which is ended up in 2011 and was to be for $15 million (approx.)

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