If someone were to ask me, What is the most significant modern day invention?, my answer would have to be “The Day Internet Was Born”. What evolved from a connection of few standalone PCs to the present day behemoth that literally connects the 7.5+ Billion people.

With the advent of internet, the Six Degrees of Separation, may have been reduced to Five or Four perhaps.

If I were to list the benefits of Internet, I would need another lifetime to complete the list and still miss a few.

Online Marketing…What it means for Businesses

Businesses (Online or Offline) have always been aware of the role and significance of great marketing. So, it was no surprise when they realized the significance of Digital Marketing and jumped on the wagon of Online Promotion.

If we talk about Internet/Online Marketing, we inevitably reach SEO (Search Engine Optimization, though don’t believe anyone needs the extended form any more). I have been working in the SEO Field for the past few years and have seen the transition from the time when it was all about blind submissions to the current specialized art form it has evolved into.

The only similarity between the bygone and present day SEO is the fact that clients always have and always will mandate #1 Rank on SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages, need to stop giving the extended forms).

But, as we all know there can only be one Numero Uno. So what about other businesses looking for their share of the cake? Well, specialization (Read: Long Tail Keywords) is the name of the game. When I say specialization, I am reminded of the age-old adage, “Jack of All Trades, Master of NoneSOME” (ok, so I changed it a little). You need to have a strategy wherein you are the top runner (First/Second Page)when it comes to few phrases and are nearly at the Top for others (Top 50). Some might think this is Ludacris; no one goes beyond the first few page when searching for something.Very true, but, here is where a good SEO Agency can help you get in amongst the crème de la crème of SERP.

Niche Marketing

You cannot be at the Top for all the keywords instantaneously. But, there is always a wider array of keywords that can be targeted. Here is what is happening, there is a horde of people vying for the primary/head/main keyword, leaving so much room to play around with the secondary/tail/subsidiary keyword section. It is so important that as a business, you are able to identify all the possible business generation venues. This involves studying the market sentiment and morphing your offerings according to the market needs. For example, the cell phone market is always an extremely competitive one; instead of fighting with bigger brands, it is always advisable to tailor make your product so that it captures the untapped market segment. It always makes sense that you target the more obscure regions rather than the more lucid ones. It is all about finding that untapped and potential segment, which no one is currently targeting.

How SEO Company can help you?

An SEO company can work wonders when it comes to unearthing such hidden gems and help you tap the wide potential there is to offer. Always remember, the Bigger they are the Slower they are, the smaller they are the faster they are.

For small to medium business and other at home businesses, who cannot compete with the big businesses in kind when it comes to shelling out the big bucks and capturing the market with their mobile apps and other offerings. SMB’swho cannot invest much into their business’ marketing segment can opt for SEO. How to select and gauge an SEO Company is another discussion altogether.

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