Did your site enjoy good page ranks in the past? , but you saw a sudden plunge in the rankings? Since the Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird update, many businesses have witnessed a downturn in their rankings.With your website traffic drying up,resulting in your brand under performing, what is the way out? Veom Infotech LLC Google updates’ recovery services assist you in getting out of Google’s penalty clutches and help you get back the rankings that you website once had.

Why do you need Google Panda and Penguin Update recovery services?

Your brand must stay on top to have a foothold in the market; you need to fight competitors to stay in the competition. Your website is the foremost tool to attract audience attention, bring visitors to your store and induce sales. However,this is possible only if your site has high page ranks and good online visibility. In order to get this, it must follow the requirements laid out by Google’s search algorithm. Not doing so, results in the following problems:
Drop in organic search rankings for your brand’s keywords
Reduction in organic search traffic
Google is the most popular search engine, so when you experience any of these problems, it can badly affect your site. The search engine aims to bring results that are of maximum value to its users and make updates to its algorithm for this purpose. Google Panda attacks sites with poor quality content, while Penguin eliminates spam web sites and over optimization by not showing such sites in its search listings.

How do we assist you in Google Panda and Penguin Update recovery?

Earlier Google Panda and Penguin updates were made once every year, but nowadays we find that the updates are being made throughout the year and instead of a single day update, we have rolling updates that are implemented over a span of weeks. We study every update that Google makes to its algorithm to understand its requirements and what steps need to be taken to be in compliance with the update.We assist clients in getting back top page ranks once again through carefully orchestrated Google Algorithm Update recovery strategies. The first step in implementing these strategies is a penalty audit of your site on the following points:

Quality of content and content duplicity
Analysis of the quality of links both coming to and from the site
Rectifying broken links
Analysis of duplicate tags
Checking current search engine index status
Analysis of anchor text
Check for over optimization
Check pages for violations such as hidden links, cloaking, hidden text etc.

An analysis on the above points determines how the site fails to meet Google best practices requirement,based on which we come up with a roadmap for recovery. The roadmap charts out all that has to be done to overcome the drop in rankings.Here is a look at what we do to help your site get top rankings again:
Replace low quality,duplicate content with original, engaging and informative content
Eliminate keyword stuffing
Build high quality links through manual link building
Using the right anchor text in back linking
Implement proper navigation between pages
Remove any black-hat SEO techniques in the site
Removing unnatural links to the site

After implementing our Google Penguin and Panda recovery strategies, the site will once again enjoy high page ranks and good online visibility. It will get back the traffic lost to competitors when it was hit by the algorithm updates. Your brand will once again get exposure to its target audience. With your site getting back conversions, business will once again get desired sales figures which enables it to its achieve business objectives.

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