Is SEO Deaths Till 2015

“SEO is dead” is always remains the hot topic in the field of SEO or digital marketing. These type of SEO related rumours are spreading since the SEO came into existence.

Now let us see what is the truth behind it. So, to know the truth first we should aware of what SEO really means. SEO is not simply getting the links to your site by any means whether it is black hat or white hat techniques. If it is only like that for you than sorry to say , for you SEO is dead. SEO is simply follow all the guidelines of search engine and keep yourself updated with all the changes in the rules and regulations of search engine. Only in this way you can get valuable ranking for your website in the search engine view.

SEO Deaths Till 2015

Let’s have a look when SEO was dead for the very first time

In Nov 1997, It is mentioned by Richard Hoy that search is dead and so the SEO. He suggested that we should create good meta tags for site and forget it after submitting. The famous web entrepreneur Jeremy Shoemaker stated in his post “SEO is dead” that to whatever degree you rank your site at first position at the end you will be definitely punished by search engine and will lost your position. In 2005 updates by Google made his post very popular and the condition of SEO was very critical.

Google web-spam team leader Mat Cutts made a video in 2009 on the question “Will SEO still exist in 5 Years?” After one year of that video, in 2010 Google released the search engine optimization starter guide, which proves SEO is not dead but its techniques are changed now.

Finally the years have been passed and we are still discussing these points about SEO. However time has been proved that SEO was not dead it is still alive and the focus point of our discussion. But also I need to say with the time the strategies and techniques of SEO has been totally changed because of Google updates but SEO is still alive by the new means.

Till the search engine exists and provide the accurate and valuable results to the users, SEO will also exist. You just need to have quality links, build social network and have to follow all the updates by Google.

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