Mobile VS Desktop

Mobile SEO is a very well established setup which describes the activity of doing search engine optimization to increase the website’s visibility in mobile search. There are many Fundamental elements of mobile SEO which are unique to the desktop.

Mobile and Desktop SEO- in Parallelism

Addition to this, there are a number of techniques that are used to amplify the search signals.

1) Local Listings Optimization

A picture speaks more than a thousand words is as rightly said in local listing optimization, if a pictured view is given it is more accessible and eye catching to the local listing and citings.
This is more of a benefit to businessmen and works well for them and they have low competition density in their market.

2) Apple and Google Maps

Apple and Google maps are both scored in ComScore’s top mobile apps in the USA by unique visitors ages 18+. Thus, such an information is often  stored and consumed on mobile devices. Thus, information related to location should be up- to- date and optimised. Proper local listing optimization is just a beginning, but improvement can be done with specific tweaks.

3) Voice search

Voice search is another technique in the SEO. As the hand free searching is utilized on mobile devices more often than in the past and it is also used mainly for local search and locational information.
Mobile voice search application is nowadays common in android as well as windows phone…

4) Mobile web presence

There are currently according to the census estimate 1.2 billion mobile web user worldwide, mobile internet use is predicted to surpass that of desktop web use. Most of the competition in business already have a mobile web presence. Based on a recent study, 95% of smartphone users have searched for information regarding local businesses and 57% of the potential customers would not recommend a business to a friend based on negative mobile experience. This support the need of having some sort of mobile presence, be it mobile app, mobile site or both. Check mobile-friendly test at

So is mobile and desktop SEO are totally synchrony with each other or is it a bit different?

Undoubtedly yes it is different, and most importantly if you are a Hardcore SEO Specialist and you are not spending 50% of your efforts on mobile then your better start with your audience research part first.
Google facts shows that “More Google searches are done on mobile phones rather than desktops”. And I always like to bet where the eyeballs are going. Get optimizing!

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