If you have a business website, whether you are selling products or services or just want to strengthen your online brand presence, you will definitely be implementing search engine optimization strategies. This is necessary whether you have a business which is newly launched or one that is already well established. Search engine optimization helps websites get high page rankings, putting them on the top of search engine results, so people can find your services or products instantly. One of the most important elements of SEO is long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are most effective in connecting your brand, product, or service with the target audience through the use of Long tail keywords.

What are long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords refer to very specific phrases that describe what your business sells. They could be anywhere between two to four phrases.

What are long tail keywords
Why are long tail keywords so effective?

Customer who knows exactly what they want to buy or find online would search for it using very specific phrases rather than generic phrases or single words. These are an indicator of the customer’s strong intention to buy the product. This is different from someone who may be on the fence regarding a product or who is just looking around for some information on it. For example, if you are looking for information on children’s cycles, you may type in the keyword ‘best children’s bicycles’ but if you already know the type you wanted, you end up writing keywords like ‘red bicycle for 7 years old boys’, etc.

Benefits of using long tail keywords

benefits of using long tail keywords

Long tail keywords target the customers who are at a very specific buying stage of their online shopping. They have crossed the stage where they became aware of a specific product , did research for it from various sources, did multiple comparisons of similar products, decide which one to buy and from which website, and finally make the transaction. So by using long tail keywords, you will undoubtedly attract the attention of the serious buyer, who are searching for products using those very specific keywords. These keywords can be ranked higher with the same effort than more generic single keyword or phrases with double keywords whilst producing more leads.

How to incorporate long tail keywords into your website

For this strategy to work effectively, you would need specific pages that target specific long tail keywords. This would result in the number of pages on your site increasing.

how to incorporate long tail keywords into your website

What constitutes a page having long tail keywords

To create pages that include long tail keywords, you would need to have the following on each page:

  • Unique title for each page
  • A description meta tag
  • H1 header tag
  • Content that includes the specific long tail keyword

It is important to ensure that your website has a good combination of pages targeting long tail keywords along with those that have generic keywords.

Long tail keywords are the surest way to get higher rankings the easiest way, more web pages indexed by Google, and of course, higher and more frequent conversions of visitors to buyers.

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