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Before we get to understanding the impact of Google’s Penguin update, we need to first learn what it is and how it works. This update is a change that Google made to its search engine algorithm for the purpose of filtering out sites that made use of black hat techniques to artificially increase their page ranks. Sites that were over-optimized or which had keyword stuffing and link schemes did not find their way to the top ten listings of Google’s search results. The reason why Google made this update to its Penguin algorithm is to improve user search experience, by showing them a listing of sites that have genuine and unique information that is of value to them and which will help them to find what they want fast.

pandapenguin_1How Does Google Penguin Update Assign Page Ranks To A Website?

The update works according to Google’s webmaster guidelines and sites that did not follow their guidelines were given low page ranks. It punishes sites that make use of manipulative techniques to boost page ranks, which is essential to get displayed in top ten listings of Google’s search results. The algorithm only displays top quality websites and targets spamdexing. The first Google Penguin update was made on April 24th, 2012. The latest Penguin update to come out is the sixth one which was released on October 17th, 2014.

What points does Google Penguin update use to bring down a site’s page ranks? Here is a look:

  • Back links arriving at the site are from untrustworthy sources
  • Quality of outbound links is very poor
  • The site’s content is overstuffed with keywords
  • Site has viruses or spam warnings
  • Links and text in the site are hidden
  • Site is an affiliate site with poor content and no value for visitors
  • Site is posting duplicate content from sub domains
  • Site is using a software to send Google automated queries for increasing page ranks

How does a site with good page ranks that was brought down by Penguin update get back its ranks?

It has to reverse all those features or qualities that are making it look bad in front of Google. If your site has experienced such a problem and you want it to be a top notch site in Google’s listings, abide by their book of rules to win the game.

Here is what your site should have to get back its page ranks:

  • Keywords optimization must be nominal. The right keywords must be used sparingly
  • Links arriving at the site must come from different web sources that are reliable
  • Use of hidden text and links must be eliminated
  • Stop using software that sends queries to Google
  • Get into social media sites to popularize your website
  • Give content that offers valuable information to visitors

See the Video for few unique items about Google’s Penguin update!

It will take a while to implement these features, but it is worth the time spent and will get back your site’s page ranks and online visibility. The Penguin update is going to refine further with upcoming updates. The more Google refines its Penguin algorithm, the more sites will have to change their qualities to suit the engine’s workings. Hence, sites should have merits mentioned in its guidelines for them to be displayed by the search engine in its listings and gain quality traffic that gets conversions.

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