The latest Penguin update has affected many websites and brought down their rankings. As a result, they do not get the same level of traffic as prior to the update. If you are facing such problems, our penguin update service is just what you need. It will remove all causes that have led to low rankings and will bring your site and business back to being the center of attention. Through our assistance your business can reverse the negative impact caused by Penguin update.

What does the latest Penguin update do?

It checks the links that are coming to your site to find if they are spammy. If so, your site’s page ranks come down. The reason why Google does this is to cut down on the amount of spam that is being posted on the internet and give users a better search experience. The updates target only one percent of users as against the 31 percent that happened during it 2012 update. It is the sixth update that Google has made and it was rolled out on October 17th. The roll out will continue for a couple of weeks and its impact is worldwide. However, it does not have any heavy new changes.


In order to assist your site in getting back good page ranks we will make a list of all links that are coming to your site to see if they are according to the guidelines set by Google. If so, they are allowed and if not, we will initiate steps to remove them. Quality of your site’s links is checked using tools such as Link Detox, Google Webmaster and Majestic SEO. Links that are punished by Google are spam comments, article marketing links that have spam signature, links from free directories, site wide back links, poor quality blog roll links, private and public network links, link from forums with spam signature. Such links will be removed from your site. To recover from Google penguin update check out our SEO Services. 

How  To Recover A website from Spammy Links

Spammy links established from your site to other sites will be removed easily but those that come to your site from external sources will need their respective web masters to be contacted for this purpose. We will inform the webmaster to remove their unnatural links. In case of webmasters who refuse to remove their links we will compile a list of such links and send the low quality links to Google’s disavow tool. When we remove back links, we do it from the entire domain and not just specific pages. This gives a thorough removal of all unwanted links.

If your online business has plummeted from Google’s latest penguin update, don’t worry. Our Google Penguin Update Recovery services are designed to help overcome such negative impact. We have experience to help your business quickly recover lost rankings. Through our Google penguin update services, your online business will once again get back its page ranks, only visibility and traffic. This will induce sales and spread information about its products and services. High page ranks will also help your business to access new markets which are essential to running business successfully and always staying ahead of the completion. Our Google Penguin Update Recovery techniques are implemented meticulously and we give report on how we have improved your site’s link quality. Our charges are affordable enabling your business to recover lost page ranks without heavy expenses.

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