Google Translate App

Google translate is already a very useful app to all those who travels on the daily basis and even for all the people because there is various type of languages all over the world and we need to translate it at some point in time.

Now Google translate app is going to become more powerful and magical. Recently Google announced that it is going to reveal a major update to it’s translation app for Android and IOS as well. Which will definitely be proved very much helpful to us. It will help to navigate the local languages easily.

google-translate-facebookThis update is most likely to Microsoft Translate Skype real-time translation launched several months ago. Google translate app will automatically recognize the language of a person on one end and automatically translate it to written text for the person on the other end. But it is still unclear that how many languages will be covered within this update but more likely it will work for all popular languages. Currently Google translate is working for hundred different languages.

According to the NY Times, more than 100 million times Google translate app has been installed on Android phones. Which will automatically upgrade to the new version of Google translate app. Engineering director of Google translate said that there are 500 million active users of translate, across all platforms.

You can see a video Have a conversation with Google Translate:

This is not clear yet that when this updated Google translate app will available to us.

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