Google Panda Algorithm Update

Yes, Google’s Panda algorithm is still rolling out. If you thought that since its release in 23rd September, it would have done with its work, you are wrong. It is still continuing to unfold itself.

How Does The Google Panda Affect Site Rankings?

The panda algorithm has a significant impact on SEO. It gives low rankings to sites that have poor quality content. High rankings are given to sites with fresh and updated content. Business websites that has low quality or duplicate content and which made use of keyword over-stuffing as a way to get high page ranks could no longer function this way and they saw a sudden drop in rankings after the release of this update.


The first Panda update was seen in 2011. Over the past four years, about 26 updates have been released. Now, in 2014, the 27th has come and it is a significant one as it is named as Panda 4.1. The update adds further strength to the purpose of the Panda algorithm which is to find out sites with low quality content with more precision. It has added features to the algorithm to detect websites with poor content even better. However, Google is not giving away information on how the algorithm is doing this. This update is expected to hit three to five percent of search queries. It is more powerful in impact than the minor monthly updates that happened in 2011 and 2012, but not as powerful as the key updates 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The update is good news for small or medium sized sites that have improved their content quality to increase their rankings. They will be rewarded with higher rankings for their effort in having high quality content in their pages. At the same time, sites that have poor quality content will experience a drop in their rankings. If your site is experiencing a downward trend after the release of this update, it is because of its poor content. Hence, content must be changed to make it valuable for visitors. The content must be engaging and regularly updated so that it is fresh and interesting to visitors. Only then your site’s rankings can be raised again which is vital to attracting quality traffic to your site once again.

The latest Panda update has brought about the best effect on news sites, download portals and content based websites because they have quality content and always update their pages. Hence, you need to pattern your site’s information along with what is seen in such sites to get good rankings and conversions from your website. Make sure to put content that gives in-depth information, original in its ideas because only then your site will be given a high page rank by Google. Remove content duplication in any form.

Google’s Panda update has permanently changed the way we do SEO you can see the Video:

For example, if the content is a reworded from another article or if it contains any quotes, do not use it in your site. Google is not going to stop with its 4.2 update. It’s going to have more updates to refine how its checks site content. Change your content strategy so that your site has unique and well-researched information and is updated regularly, so that when Panda 4.2 comes out your site’s rankings boost up.

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