Google Hummingbird

Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm was introduced to put emphasis on the search results that were based on conversation instead of keyword based search. Thus, evidently, contents that used to emphasize on keywords, had to go down the rankings and get replaced by contents that were unique in nature.

Keyword and search engine optimization: where Hummingbird fits in

Thus, the need for Google Hummingbird Algorithm Recovery rose to prominence and people started searching for ways to recover from such updates. Bloggers need to be well aware about how to recover because they tend to see most of the updates from Google and to cope up with different updates every now and then is a tough ask.

For the Google Hummingbird Algorithm Recovery, one has to follow certain rules. For instance, one should start by optimizing for conversation based search since Hummingbird algorithm finds out the best possible answer for a question, one should entirely focus on guiding tutorials in order to earn views.

Google Hummingbird

Usage of Google Plus is another important way of Google Hummingbird algorithm recovery. If you use Google Plus, you will have to activate authorship and get your brand identified by Google since it is a social networking site by Google. This will help you get the author rank. With the emergence of the smart phones, it has become easier to surf the internet from the mobile phones. So it is important to optimize the website and create a mobile version of it, so that it could be easily accessible from the mobile phones. Studies show that the number of mobile searches has increased rapidly and soon it will surpass the desktop search.

How Hummingbird Algorithm works

If you use a lot of related keywords, it becomes easier for Google Hummingbird Algorithm Recovery because it helps in finding out the synonyms of the keywords and in turn helps Google to understand what information the page contains. If you want your website to top the page rankings then you can optimize it for voice search. Google can perform searches using speech. This makes it easier and more attractive. Just make sure that the website performs searches based on conversations. You will also have to get the author ranking in order to stay on top of the table.

Before you start Google Hummingbird Algorithm Recovery you should understand that these updates are unavoidable and you will have to deal with them whether you like or not. One needs to be well educated about a specific informational tool of Google such as the webmaster blog. One has to put his entire focus on the blog placements and any other placements related to the content with affected sites.

See the Video Google is Changing Long-Tail Search with Efforts Like Hummingbird:

There is another thing that is a huge loss for well-established websites that top the chart in rankings. Once the site is affected by a Google update, it takes months to bring the lost traffic back. It might take years as well. If you can give it some time and not be impatient it might be easier for you psychologically. If you can diversify your publisher portfolio, then even if the update hits a specific vertical it won’t affect the entire program. On the whole, Google Hummingbird Algorithm Recovery is tough but if the procedure is followed thoroughly it should not cause a lot of problem for the blogger or the website owner.

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