Safari Web Browser

Google – Apple deal of safari browser is going to end up because both of them have no reason to renew this deal.




According to Stat Counter data, safari search draws under 26 percent of US Internet traffic, which is after chrome and before IE . Might be Google will have to lose it’s mobile searches and market shares. Everybody is in doubt that whether Apple will go for Yahoo or Bing for its default search engine or it will introduce it’s own. However Apple has not declared any such type of thing so far.


In 2011, it is estimated that Google earned around $ 1.3 billion from searches to its default position on Safari and have paid over $ 1 billion to Apple.


Google assumption is that Google can be gained the switchback users or gain direct benefit from Google search App on mobile. If it will work, Google will be successful to save it’s $ 1 billion a year.


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