Google and its efforts to improve search result contents

Every year Google changes its search algorithm plenty of times. Mostly, the changes are minor but on rare occasions come out with major changes such as the Google Pigeon Algorithm. Google, as a matter of fact, is very clear of what it wants and what it doesn’t. Google has a number of Algorithms based on the names of animals like Panda, Penguin etc. Before you think of a Google Pigeon Algorithm Recovery you will have to determine why you have been penalized. On a general basis, the updates that Google make are done to improve the quality of the contents for their customers. But every update has its own agenda that you should be completely aware of.

The importance of local search in Pigeon algorithm

For Google Pigeon Algorithm Recovery, you will have to ascertain that your website is properly optimized for doing local search because Pigeon focuses on localized results. You must be very careful to check whether your industry and business address are prominent on your site. The site’s footer can be the apt location for this though. Few important questions that arise during Google Pigeon Algorithm Recovery are the following: “Is site-specific keyword terms used?” the next one is “Has the accounts with the local directories been verified such as Yelp, Yahoo!, Google Places, Yellow Pages, Facebook, etc”. Getting the proper answer to these questions is necessary. Also in the process of Google Pigeon Algorithm Recovery make sure that every single of these accounts is aptly optimized with your particular business industry, address and other relevant descriptions. Receiving comments, reviews, pictures etc. can improve your rankings, especially that of Google Plus.


Get the best out of optimized searching with Pigeon algorithm

Once you register yourself in all local directories, Google Pigeon Algorithm Recovery becomes a lot easier when there is a good impression and good reviews from the customers. If your keyword does not tend to appear on the result page of the search engine, then you will perhaps have to optimize the site for local searches. Another important suggestion for the Google Pigeon Algorithm Recovery is that one needs to check whether the links are present in the preferred way or are they changed when it is updated. You need to go through the links very minutely because the links tend to break. There might be spelling errors as well in your local listing page. Even after the update it is important to have a responsive website for the local business that you are setting up.

Filtering search results based on importance

Since the local search results are experiencing changes in their rankings pretty frequently, some businesses that are not that big, are being ranked on top. But a top business company that has a reasonable experience has been ranked at the bottom and end up facing embarrassment. This is why Google Pigeon Algorithm Recovery becomes so important. Although the main aim and purpose of Google is to improve the standard and provide a more relevant and more exact local search result. Although the updates are for the benefits of the customers yet it becomes a really hectic thing for few companies to cope up with. The penalty when seen from the other side, i.e. from the users’ side it seems to be a good thing.

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