Is your website not bringing in the sales you’d like? There may be something keeping it from reaching its full potential that you might not be aware of. Here are five of the things that could be hurting your website without you even knowing it.

1. Slow Load Times

In today’s fast-paced world, people want things instantly. This is especially true online. If your website takes longer to load than your competitors’ sites, people may be clicking away before they even see what you have. Take a look at these statistics related to load times:

  • Two seconds: the longest about 50% of all internet users expect to wait for a website to load.
  • Three seconds: the point at which 40% of people abandon a website if it hasn’t loaded.
  • One second: every additional second a website needs to load decreases the chance that someone will wait by 16%.

What can you do? Take a look at the content you’re loading. Too many large images, scripts, videos, and other media can bog down your load time.

2. Not Mobile Friendly

People expect websites to be mobile friendly. If your site doesn’t display correctly on a wide range of devices, you’ll lose customers. Have your website built using responsive code that adapts to the device being used.

3. It’s Hard to Navigate

If someone can’t get around on your website without trial and error clicking, it’s probably too confusing to navigate. Make sure all of your links are easy to find, clearly labeled, and take customers to pages they expect.

4. Something Auto plays

If a potential customer visits your website and a video or audio immediately starts playing, they’re likely to close their browser. This is especially true if they’re at work or trying to listen to something else. Make sure your video/audio content never starts up right away, or if it does, it’s muted until the visitor decides otherwise.

5. You Don’t Have a Solid Marketing Plan

Do you know what you’re doing with your website? It’s more than just your online store—it’s also a huge marketing tool! If you didn’t design and build your site from the ground up for marketing, it may not be doing its job. Let us help you out with your digital marketing and website design. Contact Veom Infotech today to learn more.

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